Design-build simply means the company who designs your home or addition is the same one who builds it.

Does this sound like a novel concept? Not really. This was the way construction was handled from the days of the pyramids until the twentieth century and it just makes good sense!

As a residential design-build construction company, Williams & Williams works with you through the entire process from the first idea to final execution.

This way, we are able to maintain better control over budget during the design process and maintain creative control of the design during construction.

What does “Design-Build” mean for you?

  • Surprises are minimized for product substitutions, change orders and costs
  • Communication is streamlined since you’re working with one company
  • Control is retained over materials, products and accessories used

When you sit down with us during the design phase, we begin there and then to select hardware and other products. You know what your home or addition will look like and have an informed understanding of the cost before the first nail is driven.

Whether you are building a custom home, adding on a room or simply planning some home remodeling, the design-build approach will bring you greater peace of mind.